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Tanzania Day Trips

Away from the towns and cities, Tanzania presents some of Africa’s most spectacular scenery and natural wonders. For short stays or for business visitors with limited time on their hands, day trips are a great way to get a feel for Tanzania. They are a chance to see what makes the country so special and to gain insights into the daily lives of its people.

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Helam Tours is a leading safari management company in Tanzania, and our professional guides and large safari fleet of modified and comfortable Land Cruisers will take you to another world – a world of fascinating wildlife and pristine African nature.

No matter where you have based yourself, we can arrange for you to get out into our glorious outdoors by joining one of our exciting day trip safaris. We offer a wide choice of excursions – each designed to showcase a specific aspect of the country and its culture. A day trip to one of the national parks will get you close to the amazing wildlife that inhabit them. Our lakes abound with birdlife and are a photographer’s dream. And for those who want to experience life in rural communities, we will introduce you to our friendly people who will welcome you with open arms and hearts.

Most Popular Day Trips

Our day trips are packed with excitement – bringing a chance to glimpse Tanzania’s diverse nature,
animals and culture. Get an affordable taste of Africa.
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