Tarangire National Park


Is one of the most popular parks in the northern circuit of Tanzania. It is located about 120Km southwest of Arusha city “Tanzania tourist hub”. Tarangire is popular due to its highest concentration of elephant per square kilometer than any other park in Tanzania. The name originated from Trangire river that flows through the center of the park and its is the refuge center for animals and wildebeest during the dry season as main source of water.

What to Expect

Ebony and baobab trees, python, cheetah, elephasm african wild dog,lesser greater kudu, veusa oryx and many others. There are also plenty of bird species. It is believed to have more than 550 species more than what Serengeti can offer

Season & Climate

Tarangire has a shattered Wet season (November to May). Light showers, or the ‘short rains’, will in general close out the year, while the ‘long downpours’ see heavier tumbles from March through May. In the middle of is a short dry period that gives a sample of what’s to come in the Dry season legitimate (June to October).

How to Get There

You can take charter flights from Arusha to Tarangire. You can likewise reach Tarangire by street from Arusha, which is 46 kilometers.

Tarangire Activities

  • Game driving
  • Guided walking safaris
  • Balloon safaris
  • Bird watching